Top 10 sport stores at Aliexpress


Many people purchase phones, accessories, and other small items on AliExpress. But this Chinese platform has more potential than you think. Professional sportsmen can also find a lot of goods with a good prices and quality.

To let you save time while searching the best shop, we have prepared the TOP-list of sport goods stores that are available on Aliexpress. Places in the Top were based on estimates and number of sales. The minimum rating is 97%, the minimum number of sales for the last half of the year is 2 500 units.

In spite of the fact that these are the best stores, do not forget to read reviews under each product. This will increase the chances of taking a good quality product and what you exactly need.

If you are interested in more highly specialized items, check out our list of the best products for visiting the gym.



This shop is on the 10th position of the TOP-list. There are clothes and accessories for fitness, sports swimsuits, equipment for cycling, fishing, golf and boxing.


9. Rattlesnake Ballistic Store


The main assortment is focused on the accessories for fitness, cycling, running and swimming. Here you will find many little things that will simplify your sports routine.


8. Aolikes Factory Store


The store is focused on the protection goods for fitness and bodybuilding. There are a lot of useful things to protect your joints and ligaments during intense training.


7. WorthWhile Pro-Sporting Store


The quantity of goods is not huge in this shop, but there is something to choose. Gloves, bandages and paws for boxing, protective equipment for fitness, workwear for running and yoga are here. According to the customer’s reviews, the quality of products is very good.


6. Naturehike Official Store


This store will be very useful for people, who like tourism and camping. The seller proposes a lot of tents, special backpacks, bags, pillows and sleeping accessories, and many other useful items that are so necessary for tourists.


5. LooDeel Outdoor Sporting Store


Here is a great assortment of equipment for those who are engaged in boxing, cycling and fitness. There is a small but good range of various little things for fishing.


4. CoolChange Sports flagship store


The store is focused on the exclusive goods in cycling. Here is the great assortment of special dresses and accessories. The goods are perfect for both fans of cycling and professionals.


3. ROCKBROS Official Store


The shop is also for people, who like cycling. The assortment is similar to some shops, which are in the TOP-list, and in some of them are not the same. For bike likers we recommend to visit both of these stores. If you consider that they occupy the fourth and third places in this TOP-list, you can be sure in a good quality of goods.


2. copozz Official Store


This seller differs in its products from all previous ones. Here you can find a lot of things for diving and skiing. There are also things for fitness classes. Reviews and ratings are high. We recommend you to take a closer look at this store.


1. UZSPACE Official Store


It looks a bit paradoxical, but it is in the first place of our TOP-list. The store is focused on sport bottles. According to reviews and volume of deals, the shop is the leader of the list. Water is very important while training. Here you can choose a bottle in compliance with your preferences, color and functionality.


There are more sports stores than we propose you in the TOP-list. But here are the best of the best. If you are still afraid to purchase something from China, you can read reviews. It should add you confidence for the future purchases.

For people, who like cycling, we recommend other TOP-list with the best stores for cyclists. There are a huge assortment and you will definitely find something for you. 

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