Top 10 PC Component Stores on AliExpress


It's unlikely that there are people left who are afraid to buy used components from China. This is a great opportunity to assemble a PC for next to nothing or upgrade an old computer and give it a new lease of life. Especially since it's often hard to find parts that are 5-7 years old or older in your local area, especially at a reasonable price and in good condition. To avoid falling victim to scammers, you need to choose a reliable seller. To help you with that, we've prepared an article where we've selected the top 10 computer hardware stores on AliExpress.

All the candidates were compared based on ratings and sales volumes, which determined their rankings. We also considered a minimum of 6000 sales and a rating of no less than 97 as criteria.

Several of these stores have been personally tried and tested by our website's administration, and there have never been any issues. However, this doesn't mean you should blindly trust everyone. Before making a purchase, carefully read reviews and product descriptions. Not all hardware may be compatible with your system due to various reasons.

Things to Consider When Buying


When buying a processor, pay attention to which platform it's for. For example, many Intel Xeon processors require a special server motherboard and server RAM.


If it says DDR3 memory, don't rush to buy it. It might only be suitable for use with server processors. Typically, in such cases, "ECC" is also mentioned in the name, and the product description will clarify this.


Regular motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, and others are only sold here as used. New ones, as a rule, come from Chinese vendors and are often intended for server processors. So, pay close attention to which socket they are designed for.

10 Kllisre Official Store


This store sells PC components, both their own production and others. They have motherboards, graphics cards, processors, SSDs, coolers, RAM, and more in stock. We have experience buying their RAM, and it has been working flawlessly for a couple of years.


9 HUANANZHI Official Store


The largest and most well-known manufacturer of motherboards in China. All other sellers have his boards in stock. In addition, they produce memory, graphics cards, SSDs, and coolers. You can also find Intel Xeon processors here.


8 ZZGD Global Store


This store specializes in ASUS motherboards and AMD processors, mainly Ryzen. Everything is used. There are also some other types of components available.


7 CPU Store


Despite the name, this store offers more than just processors. You can find a bit of everything here, mainly server Xeons when it comes to processors.


6 CPU TOP Store


They have the same offerings as the previous seller but with a slightly larger assortment.


5 Yao Yue Store


A wide range of various computer components is available here. There's a large selection of RAM and various cooling solutions. Besides the main hardware, there are many different laptop processors and various HDDs available.


4 Wovibo Computer Store


Their main products are cooling solutions and power supplies. The coolers are mainly gamer-oriented with a variety of colorful lighting options. Among the products, you can also find some motherboard kits with memory and processors.


3 AMPCOM Official Store


This is a specialized store that caters to system administrators. There are many different tools for network and cable work available here. In addition, there is a wide selection of cables.


2 RE Store


A large and highly reputable seller. Their place in the top rankings speaks for itself. We have personal experience buying hardware from them. They offer a wide range of Intel Xeon processors, motherboards for them, and server memory. In addition to this hardware, they also have AMD processors, SSDs, graphics cards, and more. You can confidently build a gaming PC with components from AliExpress.


1 KingSpec Official Store


This is a very large Chinese manufacturer of solid-state drives. We've made multiple purchases from here. They offer a very good price-to-quality ratio. Yes, their drives may not be as fast as Samsung Evo, but the results are still impressive. It all comes down to the price.


As you can see, there's plenty to choose from. The key is to carefully consider what you're getting and whether the component is suitable for your setup. Read the descriptions and reviews for each product carefully. To stay updated on new articles, subscribe to our Telegram channel below.

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