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Chess allows you to develop logical and strategic thinking and develop perseverance. Many people like playing chess. It is proved by a large number of tournaments of various levels. So, chess can also be a great gift. However, the cost of a gift can be quite high. But do not be sad, because you can find a lot of high-quality lots at a reasonable price on Aliexpress. All the proposed variants have a high rating, and the level of trust in the seller exceeds 96.5%.



It is a great set for yourself and as a gift. Classic wooden board and standard shapes are there. There is nothing extra that can distract from the gameplay. The board itself is 38.5 cm, which is quite enough for both playing and storing figures.




That is a relatively inexpensive set with a high popularity. There are a lot of positive reviews, which indicates high quality of the product. The figures are made of plastic, with a magnet at the bottom. The board is made of metal, which allows you to play even during the trip: the magnets will not allow the figures to fall down. You can store them in special bags. Despite the small number of reviews, there is no doubt about the quality, because the seller has proven its reliability by working for several years and developing dynamically, while constantly adding new models to the range.


Yernea Retro Chess


This is a beautiful and stylish set that is not a shame to give to a good friend or boss. The board is beautifully decorated; it has a space for figures inside. Small size: 20*19*0,5 cm, but it's not scary. Silkscreen printing and hand-painting suggest are here that’s why such chess is intended more for the exhibition, but it will be pleasant for everyone to play with such a set.


Yernea Metal


All the figures are made of zinc. They are cast, that’s why it is difficult to break it. According to the manufacturer, the entire production process is manual. It guarantees the high quality of the product. The board is quite large: 30x30 cm, and the total weight is 1.7 kg.


Ancient chess


It is an original gift that will please many people, who like chess. The figures are made of metal, they are quite large. There are magnets at the bottom so that you can play during the trip. It looks really great.


Qenueson Professional


These sets are used in tournaments: paper board and plastic chess. This design is approved by the International Chess Federation. The figures are light, simple and elegant, since they have a special shape, it is extremely difficult to make a mistake during the game. There is an anti-slip coating at the bottom. There are not many reviews, but the store itself is reliable, its products are already in this TOP list, so there is no doubt about the quality.


Wooden chess set


We offer several sets of different sizes, so everyone can choose the best option for themselves. The board has a storage space for figures. Inside the board is a metal layer, and at the bottom of each figure there is a magnet, which allows you to play even during the trip.


DL2154 Plastic Chess Set


Size of the board is 32x32 cm. The figures are made of plastic, but they are quite beautiful. Due to the use of special paint, it seems that they are made of metal. Customers note that the it is a high quality product.




This is a classic chess board from a reliable seller. There are no magnets, only wood is used. Customers from around the world note in the comments that the product fully follows the characteristics. It is recommended to purchase for yourself or as a gift.


Chess Figures


This is a set especially for those who has a board, but do not have the necessary number of figures. The set includes 32 plastic figures of the standard type. Despite the relatively small rating of the seller, the product is bought quite often, and the reviews are positive. The figures are not magnetic, but there is an anti-slip coating on the bottom.


These are the most popular chess sets that are on Aliexpress. Of course, new models periodically appear, that’s why it is worth considering what other models are on the market. However, the products above lots are definitely high-quality and safe.

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