TOP 10 hardware stores at Aliexress


For the first 9 years of existence of Aliexpress is could become the part of our life. If earlier goods from China were associated with a low quality, today the situation is another.

But, despite of the fact that the quality of goods on the market has increased significantly, there are still unscrupulous sellers who can sell a really terrible goods. In order to avoid them, you have to read carefully the reviews under the desired product, watch its ratings and store rating. To make it easier for you to find high quality tools on Aliexpress, we have prepared the Top 10 hardware stores.

The list includes sellers with ratings of at least 98% and sales of at least 2,000 products over the past six months. Also, each of them has the status of "Top brand". According to the data, we could get the list of trustful sellers.

Too lazy people to look through the entire range of each store can see a list of useful accessories for builders.

10. Binoax Store


Our TOP list starts with the seller, who is working with goods of the same brand. It focuses on the accessories such as drills, crowns, various attachments, webs, measuring instruments and also small tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc. The assortment is very large, customers are also satisfied with the quality.


9. JSHAWNIK Official Store


The company also sells products of the same name. The main products are small tools and accessories for working with wood and leather. They are staplers, planes, chisels, heating devices and so on.


8. GOXAWEE Official Store


The store is focused on the laser measuring devices of the same manufacturer. According to the reviews, they are quite high-quality. Moreover, you can find sanding machines, screwdrivers, glue guns and a lot of accessories for them.


7. HildaOfficial Store


It sells tools of the same brand too. Engraving pens, grinding machines, drills, screwdrivers, grinders, punches, and other goods are in the assortment. So, builders could easily find what they really need. The quality of the goods is high.




The shop specializes exclusively on accessories for power tools. They are discs for the grinder, drills, crowns, limiters and a huge variety of other small things are in this store.


5. Lishuai magnetics


According to the name of the company is possible to understand that the store specializes in magnets. Powerful neodymium magnets of different shapes and sizes are here. Moreover, you can find some angle magnets, which greatly simplify the work of welders. In addition, there are band and circular saws and other related accessories.


4. CuteDigital


The main focus of the store is accessories for grinding tools. It means you can find here discs, drills, sandpapers of different shapes and sizes, nozzles and other small things that greatly simplify the work with grinding metal and wood. 


3. Number One's store


The store proposes a huge assortment of attachments, drills, limiters, extensions, adapters, etc. of different shapes, purposes and sizes for drills and screwdrivers.


2. SNDWAY Instruments Direct Store


That is the largest store on Aliexpress that sells digital measuring products of the same name. So, you will find rangefinders, levels, tape measures, and other laser meters. The store's rating is higher than 99%, and its sales volume is above 10,000 in six months. It means that the products have a very high quality and they are very popular. We do not recommend skip the store.


1. DEKO Official Store


It is just a real great corporation of tools and accessories for builders. It is difficult to find so,ething better than the store on AliExpress. All products are produced by the same brand. Rating is 98.5%, and sales of more than 50,000 over the past half year. This is an absolute record among such stores! Power tools such as drills, punches, and grinders have a high quality. Welding equipment is also here. You can find hand tools, laser measuring instruments, and much more. There is no need to say a lot, just follow the link and see for yourself.



This TOP list includes the best of the best, but the human factor is also occur. Don't forget to read the comments under the products you want to purchase.

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