10 types of the best screwdriver drills at Aliexpress


People who work in building sphere or in related spheres knows that it is impossible to do something without good drills. It is necessary to make holes in different materials: metal, wood, glass or ceramics, for certain purposes. You can purchase drills in the nearest building store , or you can order them on our website Aliexpress. Good sellers have the same quality of goods like in your native State. And the prices are much better.

Titanium coated drill


Due to the titanium coating, these items are blunted more slowly and will work really longer.

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Diamond bits


These bits can easily be used with bricks, ceramics, glass or granite. According to the seller, they are very resistant. And customer’s reviews confirm this.

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Self centering hinge drill


The goods are usually used by furniture makers for drilling holes for screws. The set includes 4 types of 2mm, 2.8 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm. This number should be enough for different cases.

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Step drills with titanium coating


Here you will find a set of three items of different sizes. According to the description, the goods can be used for both metal and wood. Some buyers say that wood works perfectly and lasts a long time, but with metal it is not so good. They get killed quickly.

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Flute countersink drill bit for wood


The items were created especially for countersinking holes. They are usually used for holes for screws or confirmations, so that the hat goes deeper and you can then hide it.

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Drills for glass and ceramics


It is possible to understand what is it according to the name. They can drill both: glass and ceramic or porcelain tiles. There are a lot o reviews and it says that the goods work well and there are no problems with it.

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Print circuit board drill bits


That is a specific thing, but indispensable for those who are engaged in microelectronics.

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Feathers for wood


It is designed for making wide holes in wood. Furniture makers or carpenters don't exactly need to be told what it is and how to work with it. They show themselves well. The material of the drills has a high-quality. The set includes 13 pieces of different diameters.

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Forstner wood drill


It allows you to make smooth and clean holes in the wood. There is one piece for 35mm. Buyers are very happy.

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Diamond coated hole saw drill


These items are usually used for ceramic tiles or glass. It is used when you have to make a round hole of a large diameter. According to the reviews, there are no problems with the quality.

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AliExpress has a lot of high quality drills and stores that sell this items. Unfortunately, it is not often possible to get a really high-quality thing that will be useful for a long time. We tried to select the best that we could find o Ali in the article. But keep in mind that not all of these products are perfect. Read carefully the reviews under each product that you want to purchase and then you will understand what you can expect from your deal.

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