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Microscopes are not only used in laboratories. They are also necessary in schools, as well as in companies where it is necessary to study the object in details. It is surprise that you can find a lot of high quality models on Aliexpress. Some of them are designed for home use, others are suitable for professional use. All the products below have a high rating, and the level of seller trust is above 97%.

Electronic microscopes

These models are very popular. They allow you to zoom up to 10,000,000 times, since it uses not a light flux, but a beam of electrons. You can use such microscopes at any time, regardless of the light level. Most of them have their own lighting. We offer you the models that are the most suitable and trustful on Aliexpress.



This model is suitable for small laboratories and for students who study the natural sciences. The product has zoom 200-X, the set includes 13 different accessories, there is an LED backlight too. If it is necessary, you can connect to a PC or smartphone via USB for data exchange.




The main advantage of this microscope is that you do not need to look through a monocular, all the information appears on a fairly large screen. This means that not a single detail will escape the user's eyes. The maximum zoom is 1,200. This is quite enough for most laboratories and for home use.




That is another electron microscope with a monitor. It has a simple and clear design, as well as a reasonable price. The maximum zoom is 600, there is an LED backlight. Such microscopes are often used in workshops while working with motherboards.




It is a powerful electronic microscope, which is often used in medical laboratories and in universities of natural sciences. Its maximum zoom is 1,600. There is an LED lamp. The model connects to a smartphone or computer if synchronization is necessary. So, it allows you to send information to your gadget really fast. The price is rather high, and the seller's rating is slightly below 97%, but the reviews are mostly positive. This microscope is worth the money.


MUSTOOL G700 1000X


That is a powerful electronic microscope that can be connected to a computer to transmit data in JPG/AVI formats. It has a monitor. The maximum zoom is 1,000, that’s why it can be used in different spheres.


Digital / USB Microscopes

These are small microscopes that can be synchronized with Windows and Android. By the way, data is transmitted in the form of a video file or photos. The price, as well as the features of the products, is moderate. You can't expect much from these microscopes, but they are suitable for home use.

Shenzhen Lefavor USB HD Digital Microscope


This model allows you to zoom up to 1,000 times. It has a bracket with 8 LEDs and USB cable. The device is lightweight and it supports the USB 2.0 interface. The most part of reviews are positive, which indicates the level of its reliability.




It is another USB microscope, but its zoom is 1,600. It can be used for medical, industrial, repair and scientific purposes. Since this model is not stationary, it is possible to study the item from any angle you need. Everything will be perfectly visible on your computer or laptop monitor after syncing with it.


Shenzhen Lefavor USB Digital Microscope


There is one more microscope from the supplier of the same name. Zoom is 1,000. You can control the zoom using the button that is located on the case. The product itself is light and simple in use. Users note that the software is intuitive and the delivery is fast. Supplier is trustful and ready to answer the questions.


Shenzhen E-trade HD Digital Microscope


This microscope can be considered a complete analog of the previous model. Even the interface is the same, but the provider is different.


Yalku Microscope 1600X


This model is sold in three zoom variations: 500X, 1,000 X, and 1,600 X. The set includes a USB cable, a special soft and a special holder. The camera is not the best – only 0.3 MP, but it is quite enough for most tasks.


Mechanical microscopes

These are the simplest and the most reliable microscopes that work from the sunlight. As a rule, they are now used in schools in chemistry and biology classes. They are also sold for home use, and they are difficult to find in laboratories.

Yergen 40X-1600X


This is a binocular microscope, which can be seen even in small laboratories. It is still popular because it has a relatively low price and is convenient to work with. The device is bulky, can zoom up to 1,600 times. The viewing tube rotates 360 degrees; the tilt is possible up to 45 degrees.


MMOOUP Drop Shipping


It’s a great present for children. It will introduce children to what different objects look like if they are enlarged. Just a few people have bought this model by the moment, but it has a small price. Thus, it makes sense to spend this money to the children to develop and learn them something new. As for the use in educational institutions, it is not suitable.




It is one more mechanical model with interchangeable lenses. This is usually used by employees of service centers. It allows you to make a 45x zoom, which is quite enough for working in this area.


These are the most popular microscopes on Aliexpress. You can purchase them without risk, because all these models are tested by other users. A lot of positive reviews and a large number of sales make us trust in these products. Subscribe to our news not to miss other TOP lists and life hacks about Aliexpress.

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