Best 10 earphones at Aliexpress 2021


Earphones for mobile phone are available for everyone according to his or her preferences. It is possible to choose the color, size, with or without a wire, earbuds, plugs, drops, etc. Everyone chooses for themselves what is more convenient and better for them. Someone just listens to the music while being in transport, someone needs it during runs and gym. There are no universal solutions.

We have selected the 10 best earphones that can be found on Aliexpress at 2021. Each of them has excellent reviews, a lot of sales and a good seller rating. Although this is the top, but we did not place in rating, due to that is extremely difficult to do this with the goods. The TOP-10 list includes both wired and wireless. Models are presented in different price categories. We leave it to your discretion which of the options presented is more relevant for you. So, let’s start!

This selection is not made for audiophiles. All comparisons and positive reviews of sound quality are described for regular users.

Bluetooth  earphones

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots


That is ultraeconomy class earphones. It connects to the phone quickly and keeps the signal stable. There is a physical control button on each earphone that performs the play/pause function, call the voice assistant, and answer the call. In compliance with the price, the sound is good. They work on average 3-3. 5 hours from a single charge.

Disadvantages. The sound is slightly distorted at high volume. If you need a headset first, then this model is not for you. Unfortunately, you can't switch tracks or adjust the volume in the player.




The earphones are really great for the money. It's hard to find anything better. If you need more information about it, read it.

The signal is stable. They work for up to 4 hours from a single charge. You can charge another 4-5 times from the case. They connect with your smartphone very quickly. It works as a headset really great. The microphone is perfect for the money. The other person hears you very well. There is no discomfort with the right choice of ear pads while running.

Disadvantages. There are no regulators. Everything needs to be done from your smartphone. The quality of the ear pads is not very high. Depending on the shape of the ear, they may not fit snugly, and, consequently, bass sounds are not heard well. In this case, we recommend putting better ear pads. In this case they will sound like models two or three times more expensive. You can purchase them in your city, or on Aliexpress:


Haylou GT1


It is a sub-brand of QCY and it is positioned as a premium quality brand. You can connect it with two different smartphones separately. Autonomy is not the best in this model. It can function for 2-3 hours, depending on the volume. You can charge 2-3 times with using the case. There is a touch control panel. You can turn on and pause music, switch tracks, call the voice assistant, and answer a call. The music quality is good. All frequencies are heard well. They sound clean.

Disadvantages. The volume is not adjustted. The microphone is weak, the quality is poor. If you are going to use it as a headset, it is not the best choice. There is an audio delay in games.


Tiso i4


You can connect one to diffident gadgets device at the same time. There is IPX5 moisture protection. The battery is good, it is possible to use Tiso i4 for 4-5 hours, and you can charge it from the box again 5 times. There is one physical button for managing the device. The quality of music is perfect. Good bass, other frequencies are also played cleanly. There is no noise or background.

Disadvantages. There is no case charge indicator. The headset microphone is terrible, you will be heard, but there is no noise reduction. The volume of the player is not adjustable.


Meizu POP and Meizu POP 2


Comparison of technical characteristics will be given below on the screenshot, and we will talk about the experience of using it.

5 1

Both models have a touch-screen control panel. You can still adjust the volume in the player, and that is great advantage in comparison with competitors. There is not much to say about the sound quality, it is excellent in both versions. All frequencies are played in a balanced and clean way. Some people feel that there is not enough bass. Many customers say that apple airpods and Meizu POP sound equally good. Sound is a subjective thing. Ear pads sit firmly in the ears and very well isolate external noise.

The headset also did not fail. In the second version, you will be heard loud and well. The built-in noise reduction system allows you to talk even in noisy and busy places. The microphone is significantly inferior in the first version.

Disadvantages. There is a slight audio delay in games for both models, and in YouTube in the first version. The microphone of the first model is weak.


Wired earphones and earbuds

Langsdom Mijiaer JM21


Wired earbuds are the cheapest on Aliexpress and there is equal sound. They play beyond their capabilities for their money. There is a control panel for the player, which is generally TOP for a price. It costs less than 2 USD. China, what are you doing? If you want more details, read our Langsdom Mijiaer JM21 review.

Disadvantages. Do you still want to search for them for this money?)))


Xiaomi mi Hybrid 2


Here you will find good sound. There is nothing to find fault with. The sound is clear and pleasant. It doesn't turn into mush in rock music. The microphone of the headset is sensitive, it takes external noise, but your voice sounds louder and the interlocutor will hear you without problems.


Xiaomi Hybrid Pro


There are great wired earbuds for your price. It sounds balanced and clean. The ears do not get tired even after 10 hours of listening. We have checked it during the trip. The headset sounds great. The companion unlikely could distinguish the sound of a microphone just from the phone from this headset. There is a convenient player control panel that allows you to change tracks, volume, and set play and pause. While running, they may fall out slightly, but this is treated by selecting the right ear pads that come with the kit.

Disadvantages. Not detected.


Apple Earpods (Replication)


The replication has a very high-quality. Some people can really believe that the earphones from the Apple company. It's impossible to complain for the price. We recommend to purchase it if you do not like vacuum models, you will not regret it.

Disadvantages. Thin wire, if you use it carelessly it will break for six or twelve months.




That is a high-quality and cheap hybrid ears. Here you will find good crystal clear and balanced sound. Some people are not satisfied with bass, but this is subjective. It seemed to us that it was very well adjusted and sounded more than worthy.

Disadvantages. There is no remote control.


Meizu flow


This model is positioned as a device for hi-fi music, that’s why you can safely listen to flac. And the sound is amazing. Beyond all praise. The bottom, middle, top – everything is perfect, powerful, tight and clean. The bass is voluminous, the top is airy, the middle does not bulge and it does not fall. If you compare it with the original airpods, this product from Meizu is much better.

Disadvantages. There is no disadvantages for such money.


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We have tried to describe every device as much as possible to help you make the right choice. If this information is not enough, and some models sounds perfect for you, we recommend you watch the detailed reviews on YouTube. It is impossible to describe in details every device in the article-selection.

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