Samson SR850 at Aliexpress Review: is it good cheap headphones for mixing?


My hobby is sound producing, so I really need high quality audio hardware. Recently, I often read reviews of the "best budget headphones for the mixing" Samson SR850. The reviews declare that it is “Top product for the money" and you will get high quality sound with it. I was curious and solved to check it out myself. I found the good on Aliexpress. The price is about the same as in American stores, so I ordered from China, due to the cheaper delivery.

I have got my order in a month. Then I have tested it for a week and now you can read the detailed review.


Box and Configuration

There are two options for ordering: with the original box and without it. If you choose a common box, the product would be $7 cheaper. But you should keep in mind that common box can’t protect the item, that’s why the chance to get it with different problems will increase up to 80%. Post office staff don’t care about the parcel, and if you need your parcel, it is better to purchase it in the original box.



The box is rather tight. Headphones occur there securely. You can see that the packaging is original. There is a 6.5 mm Jack adapter included as well as the original 3.5 mm Jack plug.



The wire length is 2.5 m. It should be enough for most of people.


Materials Quality

There is a high quality plastic in use. It is better than Chinese no-name manufacturer. The material of the ear pads is velvet. It feels good on your ears. Your ears are unlikely to sweat on summer, because the manufacturer doesn’t use the original leather.




Here is the first problem. Many people declare you can use the product for many hours due to the soft ear pads, but it is wrong. Despite the fact that the model is semi-open, you can use it just about one hour. You will feel pressure to your head. There is no size control that’s why the size will set on automatically.


Sound Quality

Now is the time to write about the sound quality. It is really great in comparison with many other models. Headphones reproduce both stereo panoramas and objects in space well. While using the product you could hear most sounds.

The bass sounds great and here is the balance for common users. It is just enough to understand what it really is. Perhaps, that’s all.

The entire frequency range from the middle is terribly overstated. Really overstated. Any songs are played in a strange way. Some cheap audio monitors also have this trouble. But the sound would be normal while using this headphone in spite of a fact of using cheap monitors. According to it, it will not be possible to adequately test the product. While listening, you always want to trim the middle and top. Of course, none of the professional sound engineers does not work in headphones, but it can be used to correct something. As for this model, you can’t use it like a professional.



The correct bass, perfect design, nice and soft ear pads.


There is a pressure to your head, that’s why it is difficult to use it for a long time. The frequency is overstated.


I do not recommend to purchase it. Additional headphones are needed to hear what you can't hear and see on the monitors, and to change the sound source to listen to it in another way. So it's better to raise money and take something good from $70. And if you are the beginner and you don't have any money, then you can use something good. I generally used different products, for instance, the A4tech HS 800. They are still at home. I specifically compared them with Samson, and oddly enough, the frequency response of A4tech is better. Keep in mind that the advice is only for the beginners, who are lack of money. If you want to be a real professional, it is better to collect money for real products, which are rather expensive.

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Author: Denis Alinesov

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