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The car radio is an important detail that people pay attention to while purchasing a car. The price of modern models can be very high, but we propose high-quality car radio on Aliexpress, that was tested by many users. In this case, you will be able to make an excellent purchase and save significantly.

Kebibu 5


It is a compact car radio without an LCD screen. The model supports basic audio formats and Bluetooth 5.0. It is possible to start music via USB. The control panel is included. There is a feature to control at a distance of up to 10 meters. The menu is convenient, the connection is simple. Some people use this car radio for giving, connecting an antenna to it.


Kebibu AC6926


That is a budget model from a reliable manufacturer, which can also be controlled by a remote control. There are car radios in a black and white cases. An LCD display is provided, but it is very small. There are USB/TF/ FM modes. The device works with the main audio formats. Over 3,000 units were purchased, which confirms the high quality.




A modern model with a large LCD screen and touch control. There is an Android operating system. Users can choose the desired size of the radio, but the characteristics will be the same. You can both: listen to music, but also watch movies with this device. The control is intuitive, there is a Russian language. You can see a list of cars that support this device on the product's website.


Kebibu 5.0 Car Kit Improved


This is an improved version of the first model of this TOP list. It is characterized by a smaller size and the presence of a small LCD screen. The control is simple, and that is perfect for those who do not have increased requirements. It is possible to play music via USB.


Podofo 2 Din


That is an excellent car radio and it has a dual mirror communication system: iOS/Android. It is possible to make calls by syncing with a smartphone. There are several useful apps like Google Maps. The device supports audio and video formats, it has a large LCD screen and user-friendly interface. There is a Russian language. It is recommended to study the list of cars in which you can install this device before you will purchase it.


Podofo CY-KT089


Here is another convenient car radio with similar technical characteristics. It was created specifically for Volkswagen cars, but it can also be installed in some Skoda cars. It is allowed to be installed in the back seat so that people could watch TV during the way. This is especially necessary if there are small children.




This radio has a stylish design and a 7-inch LCD display. The device runs on Android 10.0 OS, has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. You can easily watch movies via it. The gadget also allows you to sync with your smartphone and install necessary apps. You can display a rear-view camera on the radio (if available).




This is not the most famous manufacturer, but the product reviews are positive. The product was bought almost 1,000 times. There are several modifications: 1/16 GB RAM/ROM, 2/16 GB and 2/32 GB. It uses Android 8.1 OS, and the screen size is 7 inches. The interface is simple, the Russian language is available.


ESSGOO G02Z026601


It is a stylish radio with touch control and a 7-inch LCD screen. Android 8.1 is installed here, but the user can independently update it to version 10. Users note the high sound quality, reasonable cost and easy connection. There is a Russian-language interface.




One of the classic model with a user-friendly interface. Here, as in most others, the Android OS is used. However, there are additional sound direction settings based on the characteristics of the car. Thus, you can achieve a surround sound, if you do everything correctly.


There are many other car radios with a high rating on Aliexpress, but the rating of sellers is usually low. We had to be focused on the supplier's rating was over 95%, and the number of stars of the product no less than 4.7. We hope this TOP list will be useful to you.

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