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In our time, there are more and more gadgets that work on the battery. Progress has not yet developed enough to keep the batteries in smartphones running for days on end without recharging. Smartphones work for one or two days in active mode on a single charge. This is  not enough to fully use the device, according to many reviews. In this situation, local powerbanks can solve the problem while getting charge to your smartphone. The cheapest way is to purchase it is on Aliexpress. We have created this selection to make your search easier.

PZOZ at 10 000 mAh


That is a very compact model. It fits comfortably in the hand and it does not slip due to the embossed box. User gets  two USB outputs: one for 1A, the second for 2A. The capacity of 10,000 mAh is only possible for charging devices with a voltage of 3.7 V. The most part mobile gadgets have a voltage of 5 volts, so in fact we will get about 6,000 mAh. So, if you use this capacity, you can fully charge your smartphone about 2 times. The main advantage of this powerbank is the presence of end-to-end charging. So, we can simultaneously charge both: the powerbank and the phone, which would be connected to it.


allpowers at 5 000 mAh


The smallest powerbank model that can be in the world. That is a perfect choice for a pocket or small purse. The actual capacity at 5 volts, as always, is lower than the stated one. But you can charge a modern phone with a battery of 4,000 mAh completely and without any problems. There is also a flashlight. It is not very powerful, but it would be enough to shine in the dark under your feet.


Xiaomi power bank 3 - 20 000 mAh


Xiaomi as always proposes devices with many options. This model supports fast charging function, and it really works. The main thing is that your phone also supports this and has the original cable. But it is necessary to note that not all smartphones support this option.

This powerbank is also able to charge powerful gadgets such as laptops and MacBooks, as well as devices with low current: smart wristbands, smart watches and headphones.

It is claimed 20,000 mAh at 3.7 volts, in fact we get about 12,000 mAh at 5 volts, which is also a very good result for this money.


KUULAA 10 000 mAh


It has a digital indicator, bu, according to reviews, it does not accurately show the charge. As usual, the actual capacity for devices with 5 volts is about 6,500 mAh. One of the weak points is a long charge of the largest bank. It takes about 8-10 hours. But that is the only weak point, I guess.


Baseus 10 000 mAh


Its display can show the charge rate in percent. Moreover, the indication is really true. The powerbank is equipped with fast charging. But it only works if you charge one device and do it with the original cable. The actual capacity is about 6,500-7,000 mAh.


FLOVEME 10 000 mAh


The charge of the powerbank has a led indication. The main advantage of the gadget is its small size. It is similar to modern smartphones. According to the classics, it has two ports: one for 1A, the second for 2A. The battery capacity is about 6 200 – 6 400.


You have to keep in mind that not all Chinese powerbanks work clearly and stably. We tried to select the best of them. But this does not mean that these devices will not have defects at all. Perhaps the most stable of them is the version from Xiaomi. But its price is a little more than the others. If you compare the price and quality, then all the models presented here would be perfect.

We recommend you read carefully reviews before you buy anything on Aliexpress. They will help you solve whether this device is right for you or not.

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