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I came across reviews of these headphones on the Internet several times. Everyone writes positive reviews about it It was hard to imagine what kind of sound there is when they cost less than $ 2.Once I have tested the goods in a shop, but the price was about $7. The sound was really terrible! It is clear that the price is inflated and they are cheaper in China, but I still believe that shops should sell the high quality goods. Why do people manufacture this? Returning to the topic, I was overcome with curiosity and solved to buy Langsdom Mijiaer JM21 to test it personally.

Телефон и наушники флет лей

Packaging and Configuration

I have bought a black model. Although the most popular is red color. The headphones came in a thick plastic bag and a small package. The set includes two types of ear pads of different sizes and a third pair on the headphones themselves. This is the first thing that surprised me. Even removable ear pads are available for this price. I'm surprised there are even headphones in there.

Lansdom наушники упаковка

Амбушюры Langsdom

Langsdom Mijiaer JM21

Наушники крупным планом

Microphone and Remote Control

Surprisingly, there is a remote control with one button and a headset microphone. You can use it to answer a call or control the player. One tap means play / pause, double tap means next song.

Микрофон от гарнитуры

I have done a microphone test, and it surprised me too. I gave the headphones to another person and called him on the phone. The voice quality is very good. If to compare with a normal microphone, which is built into the phone, the difference is almost not audible. Perhaps, it is worse for 10 percent only. I guess, that the sound is slightly deeper. Just a little bit. This is how it is perceived when you listen through a conversational speaker phone, if you listen to the speakers from the computer. So, the sound is more muffled. But who does this usually do on the common speaker-system?

The conclusion is that it can be used freely as a headset. You will definitely be heard easily.


The wire is great. It is thin as noodles. Rumors declare that this one is less torn than the usual one. I once had A Nokia headset with this wire. It worked for several years on a permanent basis, until I lost it. Of course, it is not a fact that these will last as long. The material and the quality of manufacturing itself may differ significantly. There is nothing more to say about quality. I didn't use them on a daily basis.



When I put them into my ears, there are small "snaps" that are not very pleasant to perceive. Since I have an example of Xiaomi headphones, I can say that this is not normal. Xiaomi has everything very convenient. The size of the ear pads does not quite fit me in this case. I can also note the bad hold in the ears. Spare attachments from the kit are also not the same. It can be either too small or too big. I will order individual ear pads, check and add to this review.


Now let's go to the most important thing — the sound quality. Initially, I solved to compare it with my headphones from Xiaomi, which I use constantly. But I specifically decided to listen to Langsdom first, so as not to distort the perception. I played several tracks of different styles: rock, pop, trance. The feeling is the same everywhere: it's like they have a high-mid and high-pass filter in them. If someone could understand me, I will tell that it is worth slice roughly from 8 kHz. I say this precisely because I am fond of sound engineering and often work with it.

The muffled sound is probably the only negative. The bass isn't great, but it's there and it’s clean. Here this is the first problem of budget goods: a complete lack of bass or hoarseness.

The sound itself is very clear. I can confirm it after listening to several tracks. After using my Xiaomi I could feel a real pleasure. Oh my God, it's like heaven poured into your ears. The sound is much bigger and brighter. Contrast is great. I know that it is wrong to compare a device for $ 20 and $ 1.79. But this comparison is necessary to understand whether they can at least advise someone.

Xiaomi Mi a2 lite и Lansdom Mijiaer


If you need a cheap headset, or you are not picky about sound, and just sometimes need something to plug your ears with background music, you can purchase it! You will not find headphones with this quality anywhere else, even on Aliexpress, for this price.

If you are not an audiophile, like me, but like to enjoy music, then you should not take them. They will not be able to cope with their task. It is better to purchase something 5-10 times more expensive. I can recommend Xiaomi Hybrid Pro, like mine. I've been wearing them for two years now, and I've never regretted them.

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Author: Denis Alinesov

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