What to take to the gym: equipment list at Aliexpress


We will look through the necessary things and accessories that will make your life easier, if you are going to go to gym. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or just going to attend training, our list will help you not only choose good and inexpensive products from Aliexpress, but also find out what is useful for a fitness club.

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Gym Bag

Any trip to the gym begins with collecting the necessary things. You need a good specialized bag to put these things somewhere. We have selected several options.


Large and roomy bag would be perfect variant. It should have a lot of pockets. That is suitable for everything you need and has a good quality.

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It is good if the bag has a separate compartment for shoes and wet things. The material is dense, zippers and locks do not stick.

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This model can be carried in your hands or put on as a backpack. It is slightly less than the previous versions, but the quality is not inferior.

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Sports Shoes

Good athletic shoes are very important for productive training. Shoes should be suitable for running if you focus on this activity, but it won’t be good for powerlifting and vice versa.

Squat Shoes


If you are working with weight, then the sole of your shoes should be hard to avoid your feet coming off the floor while performing a squat or deadlift.

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Running And Fitness Shoes

Light and soft shoes are the best for a long run or training with a light weight.


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Cotton Socks

It would seem that this is an unimportant thing, but the less discomfort you feel during exercise, the more productive your training will be. Socks made of natural cotton absorb moisture and feel much better on the foot.


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Sports T-shirt


If you have intensive training, it is necessary to use special T-shirts, which are made of high-quality polyester. This kind of goods has special superhero prints. If you want to stand out from other people, then this thing would be perfect for you.

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There are models without super heroes prints.

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Sports Trousers


You need comfortable pants to do all the exercises efficiently. This model is made of polyester. It is comfortable on your feet and does not restrict movement.

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Sports Fitness Suit


You can take a couple of suits at once, and not to worry about what to wear to the gym. The suit is made of polyester and spandex. It includes a T-shirt, pants and shorts.

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Common Sportsuit


The simplest tracksuit is perfect for those who want to dress the old-fashioned way

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Summer set


It combines classic set of shorts and t-shirts. That is perfect for training in the summer or in a well-heated room.

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Cotton T-shirt


Fans of natural fabric can buy a simple and comfortable cotton T-shirt.

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Sport Tools

Skipping Rope


That is a good alternative for warming up instead of a treadmill. This model has a cable length of 3M. It can be adjusted. According to the reviews, the quality is excellent.

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Wrist Strap


It is an indispensable thing for deadlift. If your forearms do not hold the bar, and your legs and back allow you to pull, then this belt will help you perform exercises with heavier weights.

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Safety Harness


It is necessary for the beginners and even for the experienced people. It helps to support your back while performing squats and deadlifts. There are different opinions about its benefits and harms. But most beginners say that it is really useful.

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Foam Nozzle For The Rod


It is necessary for those who feels discomfort while holding the bar on their shoulders. Such foam tips can soft the pressure on your back.

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Boxing Gloves


Some people don’t like to warm up before training on a treadmill. Someone likes working on a bag much more. It requires good boxing gloves. If you want to read more of these products, check out our TOP list of Boxing gloves.

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If you don’t want the real boxing gloves, you can choose a more compact model.


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If you wear gloves, you can't do without special bandages for your hands.



Fitness Gloves


You will need a small pair of gloves while working with simulators and vultures. They will protect the skin of your palms from calluses.


Elastic Bandage


If you are worried about your joints, wrap them with special elastic bandages. It can help you avoid injuries. But do not forget that the correct technique is the best way to prevent trauma.

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Accessories and Useful Things

Sports Bottle


A specialized sports water bottle is really necessary for everyone.


Microfiber Towel


When you work out in a public gym, it is not hygienic to lie down immediately on the benches, because you are sweating like other people. Moreover, that is a shame to leave wet spots behind. So, put ordinary or specialized towels to train.


Regular Towels

Most people immediately take a shower after the gym. So, do not forget about the usual towel.





Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4


Finally, use a smart bracelet to track your workout intensity and heart rate. Moreover, it has a lot of useful functions, such as: displaying the number of steps taken, notifications from your smartphone, stopwatch and timer, and just shows the time. Anyone interested in this gadget can view Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review.


We have listed the main things that can be useful for training in gym.  Please, write in the comments if we missed something and what you use for sport. Subscribe to our social networks to follow the news.

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