3 months with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 | 10 reasons why you need it


As soon as I purchased a smartphone with a screen of about six inches, I immediately faced with a problem. I think everyone who uses such devices knows how often you have to sew up your pants pockets. I began to carry a small bag to avoid this problem, which fits the phone, money and other small things. But another trouble occur in this case. When you are in a noisy place, and someone calls or writes you, you simply do not hear it and can’t answer immediately. I have known about smart bracelet for a long time, and that is why I solved to try such a device.

I looked closely at Mi Band 3. I have read a lot of reviews and solved to purchase it. When I visited Aliexpress, I saw that the version 4 of Mi Band was launched. I solved to take a risk and purchased it. I'll run ahead, I didn't lose a drop.

I have identified 10 reasons why I want to advise everyone on this gadget at the end of three months of using of it.


1. Convenient Notifications 

All the notifications that I set up come immediately, quickly and without errors. Calls, SMS messages, messages from messengers and other apps work stable. The bracelet starts to vibrate as soon as something comes to the phone.



2. Step Tracker

The bracelet has a convenient step tracker. This is very useful for someone who works almost all day sitting at the computer. The manufacturer recommends walking at least 8,000 steps per day. All summer I tried to keep this bar, and repeatedly exceeded it. I believe that this has had a positive effect on my health in reality. While walking, the gadget counts very accurately. I've measured it more than once. There is an error of two or three steps only. But there is a small disadvantage here. If you actively work with the hand that is wearing the bracelet, then the shaking is also perceived as a distance traveled.


3. Alarm Clock

I used to use the alarm clock on my smartphone. Now I use the bracelet only. It has soft and gentle vibration and it is more pleasant to wake up in this case. You wake up immediately, but without any irritation as from the speaker of the phone.



4. Sport

There are functions for sports measurements, but I didn’t test it. I think it's better to use with more specialized devices for sports. A $30 bracelet is not all-powerful. The only thing that can be useful is a stopwatch and timer. There is a wonderful range of useful things for the gym for sport fans.

5. Water Resistant

The manufacturer claims that the gadget has perfect protection from moisture and dust. And that is really so. How many times I washed it under the tap, swam in sea water, got dirty during repairs, but the gadget absolutely does not care of it. It works stable.



6. Keeps the Charge for a Long Time

The characteristics say that the charge lasts for 20 days. That is true. If you turn on the constant pulse measurement mode, it will last for two weeks. You can forget about charging for 20-23 days without the function. By the way, the measurement of pulse and sleep phases is realized poor. You immediately disable it and not to care about it. It is really difficult to demand a lot if you use gadget for 29 USD.

7. Bright Screen

The manufacturer uses AMOLED screen that has a great vision even under the sun. Set the maximum brightness to avoid the problem with visualization. It will let you use the gadget on the beach to watch the time and read notifications.

8. Stable Connection

The fifth version of Bluetooth gives you nice bonuses. The bracelet keeps the connection from 30 to 40 meters and the result is really great. I can leave my smartphone in the room, go to the kitchen, and know if someone writes me.

9. Clock 

I just wore a watch the last time when I was 12-13 years old. Then I used my mobile phone to know what’s the time. Mi band allowed you to remember what it is to watch time by slightly raising your hand. This is more convenient than constantly reaching into your pocket.

10. Player Control

There is a very simple and convenient control of the phone player. I turned on the music, put my smartphone in my pocket, and then scroll through the tracks, change the volume, press play/pause while using Mi Band. Everything is very fast and simple. If your headset doesn't have controls, this feature will be really convenient.

11. Phone Lookup

Here is one more advantage of the gadget. I mean the search function of the phone. I've lost my smartphone for many times in a bed or in a pile of things. You press one button, and the smartphone speaker starts to beep like a cut until you find it. Even if there is no sound mode, and everything is turned off. That is very convenient. It helped me many times and saved time on the search.


The bracelet for its price is really great gadget! I recommend it to everyone. My problem with notifications was solved, but I also got nice bonuses in the form of a step tracker, alarm clock, player, and just a watch. This device made my life a little easier for such a cheap price.

Mi Band 4 link: https://bit.ly/3rtyfgNj

Buy the Global Version. It will make your life easier.


If you look more closely at the photo, you will notice small scratches. Don't sin on Xiaomi. This is my fault. We did house repairs at least a half of summer. I worked without removing it from my hand. So, I hit it accidentally several times. The gadget is reliable, and it is working for a long time.

Author: Denis Alinesov

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