Spinning rods at Aliexpress: guide for a beginners


The choice of spinning should be taken very seriously. When you purchase it, you will have to use it for a long time. If you did not immediately consider all the nuances, you should read the article. It will help you to choose the best model in compliance with your fishing preferences. Let's try to figure out what you should pay the priority attention while choosing a spinning.

Choose Universal Models

If you are new to fishing and you are short of money, you should choose cheap models. If you purchase such spinning on Aliexpress, you do not necessarily get it of poor quality. Models in the lower price range consist of medium-quality materials, but not of poor quality. They are suitable for many types of fishing and therefore it is the best option for novice fishers. Rods that cost a lot of money are usually highly specialized, you can use it just for the current way of fishing

TOP-List From Aliexpress

All the spinnings presented below are relatively inexpensive and versatile. Everyone has a lot of orders and good reviews. We tried to show you the best that is available on Ali.





















While choosing cheap models, you should also pay attention to the characteristics that the manufacturer specifies. What are these characteristics and how to understand all the variety of products presented?

Choose spinning for yourself

Look at the length

For a Large River

If you prefer large rivers, you will need a spinning rod of at least 2.5 m. It will be convenient to cast baits for a long distance with such a long one. Moreover, this length will allow you to maneuver well when could catch large fish.

For a Small River

If you fish mainly on forest rivers with a small width, then you will only need a model up to 2.2 m. It will be comfortable for you to operate on the overgrown banks of small rivers. The short length of the rod will give you more maneuver while moving along the shore, when you pass through trees and shrubs.

Telescopic spinning will be also convenient for fishing in such places. This rod has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it can be folded at any time, and it will be no longer than 70 cm. It is convenient to transport it in a car or just go with it through the forest due to small size. The disadvantage of this design is its multi-generality. A large number of links leads to the fact that during operation, these connections begin to shake. Telescopic spinning rods are usually less durable due to their construction. Here you need to keep in mind all the pros and cons and make the right solution.

Rod Test

Rod test means the gap in the weights that are convenient to catch with this spinning rod. The rod test is written slightly above the handle and is indicated in grams or ounces. For example, if it says 5-15 g, it means that this rod is perfect for fishing with lures, the weight of which begins with 5 grams and ends with 15 grams. You can catch lighter baits, but it will not be comfortable to do this. Baits that weigh more than 15 grams are better not to use with this spinning, because such heavy lures can break off the upper tip of the rod.


Modularity is also indicated with the rod test. It is easy to understand the information. The higher the modularity of graphite, the more high-quality and the more expensive the rod. I do not recommend using spinners that have a modularity lower than 6 units. Famous corporations tend to try to make their products of high quality, but the brand usually has to pay extra.

Passing Rings of Rods

The spinning wheel has various options for installing passing rings. You will need to find out which concept is more suitable for you experimentally. There are models that are very flexible and pliable. This system is also called parabolic. The opposite of them is spinning fast. Only the upper part of the form bends when loaded in such rods. The intermediate link is instances of the middle order. They are rather suitable for all fishing trips. It is better to choose if you are lack of experience.

These are the main characteristics that you need to pay attention while purchasing the new spinning. It all depends on experience. The more of it you have, the better you know what o choose according your preferences.

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