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If you remember the situation of 8-10 years ago, the experience of using Chinese smartphones was really sad. Basically, the manufacturers proposed copies of famous brands that cost very cheap, and it was not possible to use them normally. After 2010, Huawei Company was launched. Its first models I wanted to break on the floor on the first day of use. Many people already put an end to telephone products from China, and up to this day, they are preferred to avoid goods from China.

But time goes on, progress does not stand still. Just a few years later (I guess since 2015) small brands began to appear in China and they proposed the high quality goods. A couple of years later, their products began to compete fiercely with international manufacturers. Now such brands such as Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus and Huawei are crowding other vendors around the world. And it's not just that. They propose cheap goods and its quality is the similar to the quality of international corporation’s smartphones.

By the way, AliExpress has Apple products too. If you're interested in it, check out our iPhones list.

We have collected the 5 best smartphone stores that are available on Aliexpress in this article. Places in the Top depends on the store's rating and the number of sales. In our TOP list the minimum seller rating is 98%. This means that you can order safely.

What to pay attention to

Do not forget that it is better to buy phones of the Global version. It is the Global Version, but not the  Global ROM

CN Version

That is Chinese firmware that does not have Russian. Usually there are only Chinese and English languages. With proper skills, the firmware can be changed to the Global one. The usual version is cheaper, but if you are not a professional, we do not recommend experimenting, because every year it becomes more difficult to flash them.

Global ROM

The Chinese version of the smartphone, which was flashed by the seller himself, and added the Russian language. I have experience in buying such versions, we do not recommend it! It is very unlikely that you will be able to change this firmware. Or you can, but with a great difficulties. Moreover, you couldn’t get any updates.

Global Version

That is what you really need! 100% will be Russian. The firmware is designed for an international audience, and there will be no different Chinese applications. Updates will be sent over the air.

5. ULEFONE Official Store


The company sells smartphones of the same manufacturer. The brand is unknown but it is rather popular today in China. Some models cost about $ 50. And according to the reviews, they even work, and even well =) In addition to ordinary smartphones, there are models with protection from impact and wet. Construction workers and car service centers will like he smartphones.


4. Hongkong VT Store


Both smartphones and accessories are sold in this store. The main brands are Huawei, Honor and Meizu. Sometimes OnePlus and Nubia appear. Estimates are excellent, there are a lot of sales, people are happy.


3. UMIDIGI online Store


According to the name, you can understand that they sell products of the UMIDIGI brand. The manufacturer is also little known today. But buyers say that it works very well for their money. 99.2% of customers are satisfied with their products.




Here you will find a lot of OnePlus, Lenovo and Xiaomi. There are also many different accessories, such as smart watches and headphones. Sales are huge: about 35,000 in the last six months. That is a very big store on AliExpress. Once I have bought a gadget here. Everything could get and the gadget works without problems.


1. Hong Kong Goldway


This store simply amazes with its sales and quality of service. Audience loyalty is just on the top. More than 100,000 sales over the past six months, and a score above 99%! We can't remember a single seller on Aliexpress in any area with such turnover and rating. It's hard to say how they do it, but everything is just on top. The administration of our site has repeatedly bought smartphones, headphones and smart bracelets from them. Everything comes very quickly, works without complaints. The main product range is Xiaomi. But there are a little bit of other manufacturers.


Before buying any device, read carefully the comments under the product. This will help you to avoid many unpleasant situations. The product is not always what it seemed to you. Although these sellers have a high rating, everything happens. As they say, trust, but check.

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