Electronic clock with thermometer at Aliexpress: stylish design and accurate data


I solved to use a convenient clock with a thermometer in every room of my house. I purchased three clocks on Aliexpress with different capabilities due to the tasks they faced were also different. The first two models were disappointing, because they had more cons than pros. I will write reviews later. But one model was really great. I did not find any weak points in it at all.


Let's start with the design of the model. The design of the watch is minimalistic and very cool. I tried to make my living room in the Scandinavian style. So, the clock looks really great. We have put it on the dresser under TV. So, I can always see all the indicators.



The clock has a built-in stand, that’s why you can put it on a table or other surface. The tilt angle is not adjustable, but it is not necessary. It is very comfortable to look at them from any part of the room. There is also a double-sided tape if someone wants to use it on the wall. By the way, initially we wanted to do this, but then we solved that it will be more useful on the dresser.


Power and work time

You can't connect the model from the network, but you don't need to do this in reality. The watch is powered by a tablet battery and it holds a charge for a very long time. I can’t say the duration but it has already been working for a month and a half at my home and there is no need to change the battery. I promise to add information when the battery will be lack of energy.

Interface and accuracy of the indicators

Although the title says that this is a clock with a thermometer, in fact it is thermometer with clock. The temperature and humidity are written quite larger than time. It doesn't bother me at all, because I wanted a thermometer first of all. If time is more important for you, its size is enough to easily see it from two to three meters.

Indicators work good that pleased me. There is a good alcohol thermometer at home. Our electronic test subject shows exactly the same temperature. I compared it with two other models that came in, and they are not so good. There were 2-4 degrees wrong. It is a weak point.

Humidity is rather correct too. I have compared the results with the dehumidifier sensor, and the data compared to it differ by several percent. I guess the result is great. As for other models, there were 10-15% wrong.


Size and Material

The size is good. The model won't interfere and will fit in wherever you need it.

  • Width: 8cm
  • Height: 7cm
  • Thickness: 1cm

The model is made of high-quality plastic. If you fall it on the laminate or carpet, it is unlikely to crack. To be frank, I don't want to check.



In Conclusion

If you need a good electronic thermometer with a long period of using, you can take it! As for bonus, you will get a humidity sensor, and it will also show the time. The design is perfect.

A small disadvantage is that there is no illumination. I don't need it in the living room. I'm not using it at night. There is exactly the same model is with lighting on Aliexpress. But it will definitely affect the battery life. So decide what's more important for you.

Clock link: https://bit.ly/50fgx9

Author: Denis Alinesov

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