How to register on Aliexpress | Step by step with screenshots


Sooner or later, but everyone begins to understand that it is much cheaper to buy goods from China than in stores in their own city. The largest, safest and the most popular platform is Aliexpress. If you have never bought online before, the most obvious question is how to register on Aliexpress? In fact, this is not difficult. We will describe every step in detail in this article.

Registering on Aliexpress

You should start with the Home page. There is an item "Account" at the very top, in its header. Move the mouse cursor there.


A pop-up window will appear. Click on the "Join" button.


Then, in the next window, we are given the option of two types of registration: via Email or connect a social network account. Let's look at the most common method, which is via email.

You have to enter your full email address in the "Email" field. In the next field you must enter your future password. Aliexpress tells us that it should be at least six symbols and you can only use letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers. You can’t use special characters. When you finish everything here you should click on the button "Create account"


The, you will receive an email, where Aliexpress will ask you to activate your account. Open your mailbox and open the email. The "Confirm email address" button will appear in the message text. So, click on it.


You will be redirected to a site where your account will be confirmed.


The main part of the work is done, let’s get our congratulations! Now you have an account that you can use to purchase different goods. However, this is not all. Now you need to fill in your personal data.

You will see an item where the labels may be different, but one thing remains unchanged – the icon of the little man. Move the mouse cursor there. It is in the upper-right corner of the site.


Click "My Aliexpress" in the pop-up window.


You have opened your personal account. Now you can start entering your data. Open the "Account settings settings" item at the top of the red panel.


Start by uploading a photo. Hover the mouse cursor over the image of the little man to do this. The label "Upload photo" will appear, you should click on it.


Then we are moved to another page, which is usually in English language. Click on the "Upload Photo" button and select a pre-prepared photo on your computer. The built-in editor will allow you to crop it correctly and immediately show how it will look in different sizes. You also need to check that you have the right to this image. Then click on the "Sumbit" button.


You will be notified that the photo has been accepted, and when you go back to your profile, you will see a thumbnail of it. If this does not happen, refresh the page. If that didn't help, we'll have to wait. Sometimes the photo is checked within 24 hours before it appears on the site.

Then go back to the account settings page. If you forgot where it is, we remind you: My Aliexpress > Account.

Your username, which was generated by Aliexpress is to the right of your photo. Click on it and enter your nickname. It must be unique and without spaces.


The account has a first and last name in addition to the username. They are located immediately under the username and they are written in small gray font. It may differ in some cases. This data has to be entered during registration. Now they are generated automatically and you can only change them if you want to become a seller. You should not worry about this, it will not affect the purchase process in any way.

Now you can enter the shipping address and then start shopping. Go back to our familiar item "My Aliexpress" and click "My shipping Address".


So, you should fill in all the fields correctly. Write everything in Latin, as in your passport in the "recipient's Name" line. You should also mark the address where you want to receive parcels. You don't have to be registered there. Your parcel will be given your First Name, last Name and phone number.

If you want to receive all your orders to this address, check the "Set as default" Then click on the "Save" button.


That’s everything! Congratulations! Registration is complete. Now you can fully order any products. We will discuss how to save and delete payment methods in the next article.

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